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My Titanic Moment

Letters from the Editor

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A few years ago…okay, many years ago! Like, 45 years ago, during a period of unusually hars...

A Little Self Promotion

Letters from the Editor

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We're a pretty proud bunch over here at the magazine…and with good reason. Our job is cele...

OMG, I've been “frugaled”!

Letters from the Editor

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Those that know me know I have an obsession with PopTarts (see editor’s letter 29-3); Cherry PopT...

Rock-n-Roll All Night

Letters from the Editor

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Back before MTV, the Internet, and iPods; and prior to $300 VIP meet-n-greets and international farewell/retro-comeback tour...


Featured Recipe

Bakersfield Magazine

Primetime Gardening

Written by Lynn Pitts

Easter time in Bakersfield is still cool enough to say it’s spring, but warm enough to plant summer vegetables from seeds and transplants. It’s a good time to get out there, Carpe Diem and smell the terra firma.

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My Titanic Moment

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

A few years ago…okay, many years ago! Like, 45 years ago, during a period of unusually harsh oppressive rule (I was grounded—again), my buddy at the time, David (also grounded—again), and I set about devising our own Great Escape.

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2014 Discover Kern

Written by Donna McCrohan Rosenthal

Kern County is a treasure trove of awesome people, places, events, and, of course, nature. Take a gander at this year’s encyclopedia of local facts! You may just be surprised at how much you learn about the county you call home...

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Time Capsules

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

When we’re young, the pages of textbooks are filled with names and dates and events that seem so far removed from our daily lives that it’s hard to accept the significance of them. As we age, the impact of events in the collective past come to mean different things because we start to realize how our own family histories fit in to the world.

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Fresh From the Farm

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Trust us: you’ll definitely want to make more than one!

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Meet Death Valley Jim

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

The list is never-ending: the Mojave Desert is so vast, and there is so much to see, explore, and document.

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Written by Gordon Lull

Young Joe Tardiff stepped down into bloody brine waist deep off Omaha Beach, part of him wondering if he would ever see his home in Stud Horse Canyon again, but most of him wondering if one of those zinging bullets would find a resting place...

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Season’s Best

Written by Yana Todorova

The spring fruit season in California’s Central Valley begins with strawberries, blueberries, cherries, and plums. Later, at the heart of the season, come the stone fruits...

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Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Disaster can strike when we least expect it. Flood, earthquake, fire; we don’t always have time to collect our important belongings and get to safety...

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Local Heirloom Favorites - Apple & Pear Cobbler

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Brigit Ayers, our beloved gourmet guru at the magazine, is back to inspire us not only to venture out into new realms in the kitchen, but also to honor family traditions while doing so...

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