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Sex, Drags, and Rock-n-Roll

Letters from the Editor

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Is there anything better? Maybe. But these are a few of my favorite things...and this being our ...

My Titanic Moment

Letters from the Editor

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A few years ago…okay, many years ago! Like, 45 years ago, during a period of unusually hars...

A Little Self Promotion

Letters from the Editor

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We're a pretty proud bunch over here at the magazine…and with good reason. Our job is cele...

OMG, I've been “frugaled”!

Letters from the Editor

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Those that know me know I have an obsession with PopTarts (see editor’s letter 29-3); Cherry PopT...


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Bakersfield Magazine

Kern Valley Bank

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

The great fire of 1889, which raged for three hours through Bakersfield, took place on the Sunday afternoon of July 7. While families were attending church, an inferno started innocently enough...

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Fresh From The Farmers Market

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

With all this warm weather, there is nothing quite as satisfying as some delicious, ice cold, freshly prepared juice...

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Citizen Kern - Robin Mangarin

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

When I retired after 25 years, I decided to focus on my true passion, which is working for children and families facing cancer...

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Can You Handle It?

Written by Ghina Itani

Remodeling is fun, but...Can you handle it? Standing in a room and visualizing its potential is a fun thing to do and transforming a space to that new vision is a very rewarding and uplifting experience...

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Visions of Greatness

Written by Francis Mayer

Rock history, fame, and a very creative guy who was there to capture its glory....

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Garden Smarties

Written by Lynn Pitts

Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes sees what is obvious. A recent houseguest of mine said, “Did you know that you have a lot of over-the-door shoe organizers? I never knew you had so many shoes.” By way of justification, I replied, “It’s a collection, like stamps...”

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The Shooting Bee

Written by Sarah Woodman

"Upon reaching the Arlington Hotel at 19th Street and Chester Avenue, Brown ran into Deputy Canaday and told him that he had “a little shooting bee with Dr. Lemke...”

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Rest for the Weary

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Since 1974, Ronald McDonald House Charities has been providing a place of peace and comfort for those whose children (or siblings, grandchildren) have been affected by harrowing medical issues that require extended hospital stays.

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Design Inspiration

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Brandon Smith didn’t grow up with a love of fashion or business. What he did grow up with was a love of people. So no one was more surprised than Smith when after some soul searching, he founded a nonprofit company that included the design and production of clothing...

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Putting Patients First

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

The medical field has always been one of innovation and evolution. For years, development of new treatments and technologies seemed to overshadow everything else in the industry—it was what we could create and how fast we could create it...

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