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Reflections Part Two

Written by Gordon Lull

Reflections Part Two, Continued from magazine.

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2014 Generations Profiles

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

2014 Generations Profiles

Our Generations section is a place where our history and our future converge. Through stories of decades past, we’re reminded of the way things used to be while appreciating just how far we’ve come as a community. Whether it’s a longstanding business, founded with nothing but determination and passion, or a resident who’s called Kern County home for over 90 years, Generations is here to celebrate what makes this area unique...and as you’ll soon discover, there is a lot to be proud of.

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Time Capsules

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

When we’re young, the pages of textbooks are filled with names and dates and events that seem so far removed from our daily lives that it’s hard to accept the significance of them. As we age, the impact of events in the collective past come to mean different things because we start to realize how our own family histories fit in to the world.

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Written by Gordon Lull

Young Joe Tardiff stepped down into bloody brine waist deep off Omaha Beach, part of him wondering if he would ever see his home in Stud Horse Canyon again, but most of him wondering if one of those zinging bullets would find a resting place...

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In The Pits

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

You’re a mastodon.

(Bear with us here!) You’re wandering around western Kern County—granted, it wasn’t called Kern County at that point but that’s neither here nor there. You’re enjoying the sunny weather and decide to stop for a leisurely drink. When your thirst has been quenched at a shallow pool of water you go to move, only to find your front legs stuck in the ground.

How did that happen?

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UFOs Over Kern

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Fox Mulder is a dirty, rotten liar. The truth isn’t out there. Sure, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has given us a lot to be suspicious about over the years. And recently, those dark-suited, sunglasses-wearin’ secret agents have pulled a Disney and opened up their secret vault of files documenting unexplained phenomenon...

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Beale Clock Tower

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Anyone who has been by the Kern County Museum has undoubtedly seen the great, temporal monument erected out front. But what may not be as evident as its presence is the origin of this local structure and the resistance it received when initially being placed...

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Midnight Battle at Midway

Written by Sarah Woodman

Until the fall of 1908, when the lands thought to be valuable for petroleum were withdrawn from agricultural entry, it was possible for two people to claim rights to the same section of land—one under mining law and one under agricultural law. Understandably, this led to numerous conflicts. One such conflict arose in April 1901.

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Union Avenue Plunge

Written by Bakersfield Magazine

Modern-day Bakersfield has spray parks and the multi-acre McMurtry Aquatic Complex for cooling off and beating the summer heat. But according to local historian Gilbert Gia, back in the day, local citizens had a massive 100 by 300 foot pool called the Union Avenue Plunge...

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Some Call It Determination

Written by Francis Mayer

Man and land in Kern County have taken turns beating on each other for vast sums of money and glory over the last one hundred and fifty years.

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