Month: November 2020

employee benefits

Benefits Employers Should Consider Providing (But Not Required)

Often, a job applicant would choose an employer with a better benefits package over another with a higher salary, but meagre benefits. That’s because a generous set of benefits is perceived emotionally, as they indicate how much employers value their employees. Therefore, even if their offer is lower, they can almost always win the highly …

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person holding a sponge

7 Household Items That You’re Forgetting to Replace

We are often too occupied with work, household chores, raising …

eating disorder concept

Caring for a Spouse with an Eating Disorder

About 30 million Americans have an eating disorder such as …

Roofing repair

Stop Your Roof from Leaking with These 5 Kinds of Roofing Sealants

Though construction companies make roofs to withstand outdoor elements,leaks are …

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