Four ways a dentist in Welwyn Garden City can improve a smile

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Being self-conscious due to body image is not a new thing to our society. Many people talk about wanting to lose weight, changing their hair colour or undergoing plastic surgery, but it isn’t often that the smile is mentioned. For most people, their teeth can have huge effects on the way they live their life. From smiling, to eating and talking, if they aren’t happy with the smile they have, even the smallest things can take a hit. There are a number of ways to improve the smile, though, and a dentist in Welwyn Garden City offers a large variety of treatments to help destroy that lingering dental insecurity that many people face.

Teeth whitening

Where general dentistry treatments allow a patient to look after their teeth, cosmetic dentistry treatments focus more on the overall appearance of the mouth and teeth, which can have a positive impact on the health of the patient. Teeth stains are just one reason for dental insecurity, but with teeth whitening treatments, the patient can have a bright, white smile once more. Some teeth stains are surface level and can often be taken care of with a dental hygiene routine or even over the counter whitening products, but if the stains are breached the first layer of enamel, teeth whitening treatments that are applied either in the practice or taken home with advice from the practice will always bring better results.

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Misaligned teeth are so common across society that for many people, it can be just a general annoyance or something they wish they can change. There are many patients, however, who become extremely self-conscious about their crooked teeth that they start to smile less. Unfortunately, wearing braces can sometimes be too much of an embarrassing option, especially for the average working human, which is why the Invisalign product can be really helpful. Invisalign is a clear aligner alternative that moves a patient’s teeth into their desired position with added pressure, doing so without anyone else knowing. It works by changing out the aligners at set intervals to keep pressure on the teeth, instead of attending visits at the dental practice to have them tightened.

Cosmetic bonding

Being insecure about teeth doesn’t have to be a whole mouth problem, though. Many patients are unhappy with just one or a few teeth, whether that be because they are a little out of shape, stained or even chipped. Composite bonding includes applying resin to the tooth with the problem and shaping it into the desired shape, or covering any stains and chips. Practitioners are able to control the bonding with ease as the resin has not set, making room to fix any errors made. Once happy with the placement of the bonding, a beam of light is used to set the resin.

Dental implants

There are many reasons why a patient might have lost one or multiple of their teeth, ranging from physical trauma to old age and including plaque build up, gum disease and cavities. Missing teeth brings about a whole set of both physical and mental side effects, including the drooping of the face due to bone loss and anxiety. Dental implants allow patients to take their life back by installing an artificial tooth into their jaw, refilling their smile once again and stimulating bone growth.

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